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Installing Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Ubuntu

Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu 
--Tutorial Included --

Today i've successfully installed Adobe Photoshop CS2 on ubuntu!!
I tried many times to install the CS5 but failed again and again.
Now, let's begin :D
We will need wine, just...
sudo apt-get install wine

Then we will need winetricks...

Then download libraries and dependencies...
winetricks ie6 vcrun2003 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 msxml6 fontsmooth-rgb

It will download things as listed below :
> Internet explorer 6
> Visual C++ Runtime Library 2003
> Visual C++ Runtime Library 2005 SP1
> Visual C++ Runtime Library 2008
> Clear type Font Smoothing RGB for wine

If you feel strange with the wine fonts after this, try doing
winetricks fontsmooth-bgr

Now download Photoshop CS2 Installer
If you don't have any, click here

After you downloaded it, run setup.exe inside the extracted folder with wine.
Install like normally you do, And FILL the NAME and ORGANIZATION or it will crash later.
Click here to download keygen...

Run it once, it may say that the trial is something
Run it again, if your'e doing right, it will run :D

Tadaaa! It's donee!!! :D

But there are bugs though...
Sometimes, not the first one, when you run Adobe Ps, it will say that you need administrator privileges. You have to restart to remove it.

Thanks for reading...


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